nativ speaker: 

My name is Corinna, and I'm the new English teaching assistant for the year. After finishing school back home I wanted to have a chance to become fluent in German before going off to uni, and I’ve been here about 2 months and I love it! I work with the Vertiefen class 3 days a week, primarily helping out with English, and then 2 days a week with the Ankommen class, where I just try to help out in any way I can! It‘s such a welcoming environment here- I had no problem feeling comfortable, and the fact that it is now into the end of October already is a testament to that. Although I mostly teach English here, my favourite lesson has to be Handicrafts- it’s such a good way to relax on a tiring Monday afternoon! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year turns out, and hopefully my German will improve too!